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Erika De La Cruz on How She Balances Multiple Projects

Erika De La Cruz is a TV and radio host, author, and media personality. She is the official host of the Fashion Week San Diego as well as a featured cast member on FYI network’s new series Dream Life. She also is a producer on the show Hollywood Disclosure featuring Caitlyn Jenner. Dream Life takes a behind the scenes look at the celebrity interview show that features guests including Caitlyn Jenner, Tara Reid, Deepak Chopra, and Corey Feldman. On the show, they visit celebrities in their homes and delve deep into their most intimate stories. They navigate dating, friendship, and the Hollywood hustle in LA. In addition, Erika is the founder of Passion to Paycheck, the annual entertainment conference in Los Angeles creating a community for personalities in the media. She has recently launched an online VIP membership portal to help stay productive for those who work from home.

Can you tell us more about your new show?

Certainly. Dream Life follows Australian author, matchmaker & entrepreneur, Serena De Comarmond as she moves to Los Angeles to build a business & produce her new talk show, Hollywood Disclosure! With that, she recruits an all-star team to help her start building that empire! Myself, along with more amazing human beings join the team, navigate friendship, hurtles, and fun throughout the season!

What have you learned while filming?

Oh, a WHOLE LOT. I truly understand now why people say there’s no better education than “doing.” Though I run my own brand and business, I’ve always wanted to learn more about the producing side of television, so when I got the call to step in as Serena’s PA on the show, I did not hesitate. I think a lot of time, “ego” gets in the way of people’s will to learn. As a result of my experience, I feel like I learned so many of the “un-googlable” things you need to know to have a successful talk show. I also learned so much about my own capabilities, showing up and giving my all to the project.

What are your favorite aspects of your work?

Hands down, my favorite aspect of work is the creation process! After an idea is flushed out and the team is in place to handle the logistics. There’s no better feeling than getting to express myself for a living! This has been true for my online membership content, planned televised segments, and our Passion to Paycheck annual event. The creation process, to me, is the purpose of why you set out to do something in the first place. “Relieving the planet of loneliness,” a personal mission of mine, seems so much more feasible when you get to implement the idea or strategy you’ve been dreaming about.

How are you balancing your projects?

I think it’s two-part: First, speaking about the projects I have going on, out loud. For me, I need to sort through and prioritize everything I’m working on in my life out loud with someone (usually my hubby) to wrap my mind around what I can remove or what processes I can put in place to support my efforts. And second, I take time to REST. I really do. I’ve learned that you have to take care of the engine, and that engine is you. I could be full to the brim with a busy week or even two, but I always have a full day of rest in my line of vision. If I don’t have that carved out, balance is impossible.



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