Basic Outfitters’ Interview; A Forbes 30 Under 30, Entrepreneur’s 360, and Shark Tank Featured Business

Basic Outfitters was born out of the need for one to replace basic essentials in a convenient way. Their flagship service, Create-a-Drawer, gives one the opportunity to refill their entire basics drawer in under two minutes with multiple options.

The married entrepreneurs behind Basic Outfitters, Laura and Michael Dweck, had started their business from a crowded closet of their first apartment as husband and wife.

“With very limited space, we realized that we had to consolidate our wardrobes, starting with Michael’s, which consisted of an amassed collection of old, worn out boxers, tees and socks.”

They decided to replace anything that Michael hadn’t worn in over a year with newer pieces. When Michael had to shop, he found it to be, “extremely stressful with endless options — either overpriced name brands or cheap, poorly made generic brands. That’s when we came up with the idea behind Basic Outfitters and launched a business that would give men the power to replace their old wardrobe quickly and easily with high quality and fashionable pieces for an affordable price.”

The Basic Outfitters co-founders state their experience on Shark Tank was exciting. “It’s something we really wanted and put all of our energy into. From the application process through the prep for the show, Michael and I really put ourselves through our own business boot camp — preparing every data point and metric about our business, the market, the industry and preparing every answer to any possible questions the sharks could throw at us. When finally made it to the show, we felt completely confident that our business model and product would speak for itself.”

“It was incredible to see the Sharks’ incredibly positive reaction to our products and Create-a-Drawer concept, and though we ultimately declined offers from Kevin and Lori, we knew that following our instincts and surrounding ourselves with the right network and team would lead us to success. We were right. The month the episode aired, Basic Outfitters had over 1000% percent month over month growth.”

Basic Oufitters’ advice to entrepreneurs is to, “listen to your team”:

“Empowering employees to share ideas can bring a new creativity to the table, present fresh perspectives to challenges, and build loyal, valuable and positive relationships — all essential for success.”

The co-founders state, “don’t hesitate to think outside the box. When we were trying to market the quality and softness of our SuperSoft sock line, we realized how difficult it was to communicate hand feel through images alone. It wasn’t until we thought outside the box that we came up with the idea to video random pedestrians’ authentic reactions to the socks and their softness that we were able to convince so many more people of their incredible quality. We let people’s reactions do the selling for us.”

The outlook for Basic Outfitters includes brick-and-mortar retail and partnerships.

“It’s a really exciting time for Basic Outfitters. We just partnered with JetBlue to feature our SuperSoft socks in their Mint class amenity kits, and are working towards building even more brand partnerships. We’re also testing the waters of brick-and-mortar retail in May as part of the new Market @ Macy’s program, which will take our online business to the grand floor of the flagship and iconic Macy’s in Herald Square, New York City.”

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