3 Tips to Train Your Dogs During the Pandemic With Cesar Millan

Christina Kumar
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Now with more people adopting dogs during the pandemic, the need to learn how to properly train them has become a priority. Cesar Millan has been training dogs and their humans for over 25 years and shows dog owners that with the proper training techniques, they can become better at training and getting along with their dogs in a calm and confident manner. Known as America’s #1 dog training expert and a New York Times best-selling author, Cesar Millan, has also starred in several television shows, including the Dog Whisperer with Cesar Millan and this year fans can celebrate because Cesar has released a new product called the Halo Collar and will be starring in a newly anticipated show on the National Geographic Channel premiering in August 2021, called, Cesar’s Way, which will help dog owners through the pandemic.

What can people do now to improve their ability to train their own dogs?

It is our job as pack leaders to understand how a dog learns through nose, eyes, and ears in that order. Humans communicate differently (ears, eyes, and nose). To create the outcome we want, we must first learn dog psychology before dog training.

I believe in understanding and applying concepts in 3. Life in general and even training should be natural, simple, and profound. Understanding dog psychology is important and that is why I am always speaking about energy. In addition to this, it is important to always remember to exercise your dog. Go for long walks or get creative, but either way always exercise. The concept of exercise, discipline, affection is something I teach all my students with the foundation of always giving your dog trust, respect, and love the same way we as humans would like.

Without going too deep into things, at the end of the day, you have to embrace calm, confidence, love, and joy. You’ll learn this along with specific methods in my Halo training or you will hear me talk about this throughout my Training Cesar’s Way courses.

Can people be trained? If so, does training people involve a similar process to animals?

I rehabilitate dogs and train people. It is never the dog. It is always the human. So, yes people can be trained for sure as this is one of my main focuses as I’m sure you have seen in my shows. As humans, we are responsible for guiding our dogs as the pack leaders providing trust, respect, and love through every interaction. I encourage people to first learn dog psychology before dog training so one can fully understand how a dog communicates. I then emphasize that energy is everything. Yes, ENERGY IS EVERYTHING. If the right energy is not present the desired outcome will not be reached.

Can you tell us about your new release of your smart dog collar and how this collar is helping pet owners?

It’s always been my life mission to bring safety, peace, and love to dogs and for humans everywhere, so I’ve been working over the past few years with Ken Ehrman and Michael Ehrman to make this a reality. The Halo Collar launched last year in 2020 and has made it possible to live a life of freedom and improve the bond between humans and dogs.

Halo lets your dog be a dog again. The Halo System lets you make a smart fence on your phone that actually works to keep your dog safely inside. The fences get sent from the phone and saved into the Halo Collar, and they use GPS to calculate your dog’s location compared to the boundary. If your dog gets too close to danger, the collar automatically gives a custom prompt to remind your dog to turn around. In addition to the amazing functionality and features; we have included my 21-Day Training program. In this program that gives users a taste of my flagship program, Training Cesar’s Way as well as in-depth Halo Collar training; you learn how to train your dog using their natural instincts — nose, eyes, ears, in that order — to create the most effective and natural learning experience. Your dog will learn that the beep (or any prompt) is a reminder that it’s time to stop moving toward the boundary, then turn around and go back to safety.

What feedback has Halo Collar been receiving?

We’ve been receiving amazing reviews so far for the Halo Collar! The Halo Team is always listening to the community, and we’re meeting with people from the Halo Pack in online sessions to learn about what they’re looking for. There are always new features and updates being released, and it’s bringing safety, peace, and love to tens of thousands of dogs and their people already. My goal is to continue to see the product evolve as my and the Halo team learn more about users’ needs and concerns.

Here are some examples so far:

“Best product and experience ever! We LOVE the Halo GPS fence. I am not techy at all and I was able to set our 4-acre GPS fence with ease.”

“Best app and collar! I have tried many other solutions for two very active vizslas, and this program is amazing.”

Now, can you take us through your journey on how you knew you wanted to work with dogs?

My grandfather told me never work against mother nature, always gain her trust, respect, and love and she will give you a beautiful gift called loyalty. Growing up on a farm in Sinaloa, Mexico I was taught how to connect to dogs at an early age. I came to America to learn how to become the best dog trainer in the world after watching Lassie & Rin Tin Tin.

In turn, I discovered that the world didn’t know how to communicate with dogs the right way. With JFK’s famous words, “Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country.” I knew that I wanted to make this world a better planet by making better humans by the way we treat our animals.

How can dog owners benefit from your new product? Please tell us more.

It’s giving freedom to dogs and people that they never had before. The Halo Fences works anywhere to provide automatic guidance, so it’s giving people a sense of relief so their dogs can live a life off-leash with less worry. Most importantly, it’s also bringing better trust, respect, and love to everyone’s relationship with their dog. Halo is a great option for saving owners thousands of dollars and more importantly addressing the massive issue of lost dogs or being harmed by running away. We are trying to provide owners something in a natural, simple, and profound way by having the ability to implement a tool that will direction, protection, and love.

What are your top 3 most tried and true tips for those who are looking to train their dogs during the pandemic?

1. Always practice a form of exercise. It is important to drain the excess energy with your dogs to achieve the calm surrender state. After exercise is the best time to train your dog.

2. Claim and learn to create your space similar to how we want that in our own lives and interactions with other humans. Especially now more than ever in a Covid world, we can spend as much time as possible with our dogs. To prevent separation anxiety in the future, it is important to allow your dog to be comfortable without you. Practice how to address separation anxiety and implement that in your lives as pet parents.

3. Give your dog a job. It is important to allow your dog to work for food, water, and shelter. This also provides mental stimulation, which is key for dogs.

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